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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q. When will I receive my order?
A. When you check out you can select next day delivery or a future delivery date. Next day delivery is not available during the holidays.
Q. I live outside your delivery parameters, can I still get delivery.
A. We would be happy to try to arrange delivery. Depending on the location there may be a delivery surcharge.
Q. If I prefer to pick up my order can I?
A. At check out please select pick up at our factory, 45 Brisbane Road Unit 4. You will receive an email notification when your order is available for pick up.
Please park or pull right up parallel to the curb and come inside our vestibule and ring the doorbell for service. 
Q. How is the fish packaged for delivery?
A. Please specify in the notes if you would like your order tray packed for refrigeration and use within 1-2 days or vacuum packed for immediate freezing.
Q. Where can I write instructions for delivery when I place my order? Such as my apartment complex door code, or which door to leave my package at?
A. When you place your order online please fill out the special instructions for the driver in the delivery instructions box at checkout. Please Note our delivery driver does not come upstairs in apartments, buildings and condominiums. The delivery driver will call and meet you in the lobby or leave with the concierge. 
Q. How long will my fish stay fresh after I receive it?
A. When you receive your order its best to refrigerate it right away and freeze what you don't plan on using that day or the next day for optimal freshness.
Q. I'm stocking up on vacuumed packed fish portions for my freezer. Can my order be pre frozen before you delivery it?
A. Yes with 1 days notice we will gladly freeze your order.
Q. Do you take special orders?
A. Sure! If there is something you would like and you don't see it on our webpage please give us a call. We will be happy to place a special order for you.
Q. Can ground fish be frozen?
A. Yes ground fish can be frozen. For optimal freshness we can vacuum pack your ground fish in one pound packages for the freezer. 
Q. Do you have Organic Salmon?
A. We are now carrying Organic Salmon everyday. It’s great for Sushi & Poke.

Q. Do I need to freeze Fish before using it raw?
A. According to Health Canada Sushi Grade fish must be frozen prior to use to kill any parasites. We recommend Sushi Grade Tuna, Hamachi, Organic Salmon and Atlantic Salmon for Sushi.
Q. What certifications does Nu Age Fish have?
A. We are a COR Kosher certified establishment and we are Kosher for  Passover year-round.

Q. I'm a restaurant, caterer, or grocery store who can I contact about wholesale orders?
A. Please call our office at 416.663.3474