Nu Age Fish

The Spice House Back of the Yards


Staff Tips & Tricks

  • Garlic + Pepper = WOW!
  • Great for steaks, burgers, ribs, and chicken.
  • Try this on anything you grill for a nice garlic and pepper crust.
  • Also great for non-meat uses as well, like vegetables, eggs, and even to add zip to poppyseed dressing.

About This Blend

A “butcher's rub” is a coarse mix of spices that’s both flavorful and attractive on meat. We named this blend to honor the hard-working immigrants who were part of the meat industry, working in the Back of the Yards neighborhood of Chicago, south of 39th Street between Halsted and Western.


Pepper, garlic, kosher salt, sugar, shallots, bell peppers, parsley.