Nu Age Fish

The Spice House Greektown Mediterranean Seasoning


As delicious on shish kebab as it is on roasted chicken, this blend combines Greek oregano, garlic, and lemon peel. It is salt-forward, which helps it dry and crisp chicken skin to perfection. Use less on skinless meats.


Staff Tips & Tricks

  • To make a nice marinade, mix 2 teaspoons seasoning with water to rehydrate, then mix with olive oil and lemon juice (1 tablespoon each). Cover 1 pound of meat with marinade and refrigerate overnight.
  • Add to cauliflower, green beans, or a cucumber salad.
  • Try mixing into tzatziki or sprinkling over hummus for added zing.
  • A perfect match for lamb, beef or chicken.

About This Spice

This versatile blend is named for Chicago's famous Greektown neighborhood, home to some of the country's best Greek restaurants, and honors one of our favorite Mediterranean cuisines. Great for kabobs or grilled chicken, this blend marries garlic, lemon and oregano in a traditional blend.


Kosher salt, pepper, cane sugar, garlic, lemon, onion, oregano.