Nu Age Fish

The Spice House Lake Shore Drive



Staff Tips & Tricks

  • Try Lake Shore Drive on potatoes, chicken, eggs, and fish.
  • Add this to egg salad or potato salad for a refreshing twist.
  • Use this to sprinkle on top of finished plates for a savory flavor upgrade.
  • Stir into sour cream or yogurt for a quick vegetable dip or use it to season grilled vegetables.

About This Blend

To emulate the elegance and sophistication of Chicago’s famous Lake Shore Drive, we start with hand-grated freeze-dried shallots, powdered green peppercorns, and chives, while the garlic, onion, and salt give this blend an all-purpose versatility. Lake Shore Drive Seasoning is available in bulk bags, but due to its delicate nature, we advise storing it in airtight containers.


Salt, shallots, onion, garlic, chives, pepper.