Nu Age Fish

The Spice House Milwaukee Ave Smokehouse Rub



Staff Tips & Tricks

  • A Polish-inspired BBQ rub, try this on roasted veggies.
  • Use on grilled steaks and pork chops, or mix into ground beef or turkey for deliciously savory burgers. For vegetarians, this seasoning will add a rich meaty taste to grilled tofu or veggie burgers
  • Shockingly great on salmon!

About This Spice

Poles and Polish-Americans are one of the largest ethnic groups in Chicago and make enormous contributions to the city's history and culture. We designed this seasoning to honor that heritage. Classic Old Country flavors like paprika, garlic, marjoram and the rich aroma of smoke are reminiscent of Polish cooking's hearty flavors.


Hickory smoke salt (salt, smoke flavor, silicon dioxide), paprika, garlic, kosher salt, pepper, hickory smoke powder (maltodextrin, smoke flavor, silicon dioxide), marjoram, cardamom.